Lush Interiors - St. Francis Elevator Ride


Channel To Channel is pleased to have St. Francis Elevator Ride at the gallery during the months of November and December with his show “Lush Interiors”. Hailing from Memphis, TN, St. Francis Elevator Ride, uses his graphic and photographic sensibilities to assemble 3-D wall hangings in the form of multi-paneled, CNC structures. This mixed media work is aimed at exploring sensual machines, a term the artist uses to describe the mechanized trappings of modern life, as we all become increasingly enmeshed with our gadgetry. Common household appliances burst apart to reveal human anatomy and vegetation, both in various states of bloom and decay. From a distance, the works appear as vibrantly colored, otherworldly scenes, but a closer viewing reveals grim details: human teeth and headless birds, rotting tissue and melting organs.  

The extravagantly macabre, though often comical, images represent the manner in which our intended conveniences often become burdens that weigh us down and define us in unintended ways. 

Lush Interiors features direct to substrate collage prints on birch plywood. The prints are intricately milled and cut by a CNC router, and then the multilayered, three-dimensional pieces are assembled using common hardware components, like nuts and bolts.


Opening Saturday November 4, 6-9pm. Show runs through December 23