Megan Lightell Workshop (


Megan Lightell Workshop (


January 20-21 (10am-5pm)


This 2-day workshop taught by Megan Lightell will focus on building a stronger foundation in portraiture. Painting a portrait from life is an extremely effective way to improve the understanding of form, color, proportions, and value. In this 2 day intensive class, students will work with oil paint from live models to create a convincing, lifelike portrait.  

Megan received her BFA from School of Visual Arts in New York, NY. She is represented by numerous galleries across the U.S. including Zeitgeist Gallery in Nashville. Lightell is known for exhibiting works based on the landscape, but has maintained a personal practice in painting from life over the years. Teaching methods will include demonstrations, brief lectures, and working alongside participants, pausing to give individual instruction throughout the session. Emphasis is on basic painting techniques, learning to see and mix color, and building observation skills, and individual feedback for students.

Past figure painting teaching includes Watkins Community Education Program and at the Pomerene Center for the Arts in Ohio. This course is appropriate for painters of all levels. 

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Suggested Materials List

At least 1 painting support per session; can be any surface you prefer. Recommended: stretched canvas or linen, or primed panel (12x16 to 20x30 preferred)
Oil paints* (at minimum one red, yellow, blue, and white)
-alizarin crimson
-ultramarine blue
-yellow ochre
-cadmium yellow
-cadmium red
-zinc or titanium white
-burnt sienna
-burnt umber
Nice to have:
- rose madder or permanent rose
- cerulean blue
- payne’s gray
** when budget permits, artist’s quality paint yields better results than student-grade paint and is usually worth the investment. Personal favorite brands are Williamsburg, Old Holland, Gamblin, and Utrecht, but bring any preferred paints in any brand.
Oil brushes (natural bristle and sable in a variety of preferred sizes) My favorite brand is Robert Simmons signet in sizes 4-12 flat, but bring any you are comfortable using.
Odorless mineral spirits or Gamsol in lidded jar for washing brushes and thinning paint
Linseed oil or painting medium for thinning paint (optional)
Rags for brush cleaning
Easel (if you have a portable one; some easels provided)